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The power skills platform

The platform aims the transformation of leaders, teams and companies with the necessary skills to thrive in the rapidly changing and complex post-pandemic reality.

Make effective mental well-being, peak work performance, and belonging your company’s superpowers.

Our Solutions

Our science-proven methodology has been perfected for six decades to provide you with programs to develop the power skills you need to thrive in a complex and fast post-pandemic world.

Stress tolerance

Develop mental states for well-being and elevated performance. Live a more present life, enhance your stress tolerance and develop calmness amid chaos.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop adaptability and resilience amid uncertainty. Enhance your conflict management and behavior reprogramming skills.

Intentional Team Working

Promote collaboration, a sense of belonging & cohesion in your hybrid or remote team. Develop a connection between the employee's purpose and the company’s.

Focus & Sustainable Performance

Increase your focus and clarity. Achieve sustainable performance and inspired execution.

Intuitive & Creative Mind

Reshape the mental models that hold you back, increase your flexible adaptation and gain an innovative approach to your work.

Mental Well-being (foundational skill)

How our

How our

People Drives Transformation

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Some of our clients

Case study

As a cyber security company, Protega is facing an increasingly complex and uncertain work environment. Their need was to enhance tolerance for stress, focus and leadership within team members .

The Digital Nomad Hotel Of The Future. They were experiencing high burnout rates

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Great people, great stories.

My father always told me that you are a sum of those you surround yourself with. Ever since I began training the method, my focus, discipline and energy has increased substantially this has allowed me to start my business with more ease and clarity. I thank him and the methodology for help me achieving one of the biggest goals of my life, I become an entrepreneur and I own a science company.

Monique Garraud

Scientist and Entrepreneur

A complete system to create and maintain peak performance, happiness, and fulfillment. A tool in life to help me reach my goals by making sure my body & mind are in there strongest, clearest, and optimal condition. It gives me strength, clarity, focus, awareness and confidence. It also gives me not just physical but theoretical tools to face the challenges that come up in life. The Method really stands out in my life as fundamental backbone in my ability to achieve anything and everything.

Edward Zaydelman

Entrepreneur and Founder of Puerta a la Vida


“… Establish trust in virtual relationships and manage higher levels of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the future.”

“Manage emotions during stressful situations by breathing correctly…”

“Meditation is a state of awareness and lucidity…”

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