Our Solutions

Our science-proven methodology has been perfected for six decades to provide you with programs to develop the power skills you need to thrive in a complex and fast post-pandemic world.

  • Stress tolerance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Intentional Team Working
  • Focus & Sustainable Performance
  • Intuitive & Creative Mind

Stress tolerance

Develop mental states for well-being and elevated performance. Live a more present life, enhance your stress tolerance and develop calmness amid chaos.

• A comprehensive approach to address stress and burnout
• How to change habits

• What other mental states can you achieve
• How to enter in a state of mental well-being bits

• How to silence your mind
• How to live a more present life

• The importance of body intelligence to design mindfulness in your life
• How to modify your mind and emotions through body intelligence

• How sleep and relaxation promotes a greater mind and body well-being
• How to use a relaxation technique to improve the quality of your sleep

• A broader perspective on nourishment
• The impacts of internal body cleansing on well-being

• How to re-organize and set limits on your daily schedule to avoid creating stress and feeling overwhelmed

Emotional Intelligence

Develop adaptability and resilience amid uncertainty. Enhance your conflict management and behavior reprogramming skills.

• How to bring awareness to your moments of uncertainty and instability
• How to enhance your adaptability

How to maintain your calmness and confidence even in chaotic, complex and uncertain moments

• The importance of defining your purpose to be more resilient
• Resting is a great tool to prevent you from giving up.

• How to develop the poise amid chaos
• How contentment helps you to be more resilient

• The importance of good relationships in emotional intelligence
• How to develop empathy

How easy-to-apply conflict management strategies can increase your emotional intelligence

• Become aware of unwelcome behavior
• How to reprogram your behaviors

Intentional Team Working

Promote collaboration, a sense of belonging & cohesion in your hybrid or remote team. Develop a connection between the employee’s purpose and the company’s.
Achieve greater retention of talent in your company.

Focus & Sustainable Performance

Increase your focus and clarity. Achieve sustainable performance and inspired execution.

• Focus on what matters the most
• Increase productivity
• Stay more present

• How to develop self-awareness
• Why self-awareness?

• How to shift your perspective from negative to positive
• The power of contentment to change your point of view

• How to shift your perspective from negative to positive
• How to develop mental resilience

• Short term and long term solutions to engagement
• Smart and sustainable engagement management

• How relationship skills can optimize your sustainable performance
• How to emotionally emancipate yourself

• How to create powerful groups
• How to be an inspirational leader

• How to adjust your challenge for sustainable performance
• The types of surpassing oneself and their importance in life

• How to increase your energy level
• Mapping your self-confidence

• Positive and tangible effects that nurturing appreciation will bring to your life
• Tools to develop appreciation

• 3 Practical tools to improve your productivity with emphasis on focus
• Organizing your insights to make your productivity journey more exciting

• Perform an evaluation of your focus & sustainable performance journey
• Close the gaps to achieve sustainable performance

Intuitive & Creative Mind

Reshape the mental models that hold you back, increase your flexible adaptation and gain an innovative approach to your work.

• How being present affects your creativity
• The correlation of levels of knowledge and creativity

• How the mental states influence creativity and insights
• How to develop and stay on the path of creativity and insights

• Understand the impacts of social paradigms on creativity and innovation
• How not to allow social paradigms to block your vision

• Understand the impacts of personal mental models on creativity and innovation
• How to break your personal rules

• Ask the right questions to unlock creativity
• Put yourself in a creativity mode

• Getting aware of creative idleness power
• How to open space to intuition

• Become aware of unwelcome behavior
• How to reprogram your behaviors